Advance Praise for Waiting

Hope and joy are the two words I hear most associated with infertility treatment. Hope is often alongside a lot of waiting and Natascha Dea captures that in her personal experience, “Waiting,” which many people will relate to. The joy comes when treatments are successful.
— Louise Brown, the world's first IVF baby & Author, "Louise Brown: My Life As The World's First Test-Tube Baby"

Praise for Natascha Dea's Work

Natascha’s pictures fuse a moody depth with the most intimate territory of feminine sensuality. Her expressionist chiaroscuro lighting and grainy black and white film are used like colors from a painter’s palette to transport the images from stark reality into the surreal dreamscape of poetic fantasy and imagination.
— Gary Palmer, Painter

Her latest work has developed a distinct kink; she does it with real style.
— The Quiet Front,

Belle découverte du jour, les photos de Natascha Dea. Beautiful discovery of the day, the photos of Natascha Dea.
— Journaleuse,