Natascha Dea is an American photographer whose photographs intersect fashion and art in a captivating exploration of sensuality and erotic femininity.

Natascha was born in Germany, calls New York City home, and splits her time between Venice Beach and Chicago, where she currently lives with her family. She is available for editorial, commercial, and personal portrait commissions and travels frequently. Her work can be found hanging in private collections in four countries, has been published internationally on LENSCRATCH and L'Oeil de la Photographie, and is featured on The Quiet Front. Duncan Miller Gallery recently featured Natascha's black and white work for sale on their special project Your Daily Photograph as Emerging and Classic photography. A monograph of her photographs of women and a monograph of photographs she made during two rounds of IVF, Waiting, will be published by FortyTwo Women Press in 2018.

Natascha is a vocal advocate for equality, reproductive rights and justice, and better access to reproductive and infertility healthcare for all. She is the founder of Neshama Collective.

"Natascha's pictures fuse a moody depth with the most intimate territory of feminine sensuality. Her expressionist chiaroscuro lighting and grainy black and white film are used like colors from a painter's palette to transport the images from stark reality into the surreal dreamscape of poetic fantasy and imagination." - Gary Palmer, Painter

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